001 :: Warp 1 ʃⁱ Part I

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The first warp is here.


Everyone, let’s take a peek on the story of crown prince Leydik.

Enjoy reading!

Here is the first part. I hope you like it. 🙂

דער מענטש טראַכט און גאָט לאַכט
Der mentsh trakht un Got lakht.1

A man is suspended in that boundless space. His consciousness spread several miles in an instant. To any other beings, the void is an endless sea of darkness. Not to him, the keeper; he can move freely across the surface. Twisting space and gravity to affect the flow of time proportionally.Continue Reading—>

Partners who were bound together
A link you vowed to keep forever
Heart and soul just to be your lover
Naive me, I hand it all over!

Your whisper of love blinded my eyes
I bite the bullet when you shed disguise
Your heart consist of two moieties
One lent to me; One is hers originally.

Now, I know you’re a broken reed
Who solely seeks me with plain greed
But my heart is under tyrannical creed
Your mere denial will make me bleed.

Lost in thought, I sat on the lawn
Even before the break of dawn
In tears, I accept this retribution
For I laid my hands on forbidden apple.

L’Ultima Cena

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I’m inside a small room barely illuminated by the moonlight that shine through a small crevice in the wall.
“I love you.”
His whisper is so seductive that I felt something hot spread downwards. His body pressed mine against the bed. Heat washes over my stupor. His eyes an inch far from mine. Slowly, he leans closer and planted a lingering kiss; his tongue playfully going deeper. Drunk with overwhelming sensation, I closed my eyes to savor that last supper.
A warm tear slid my face and it wasn’t mine.
Then, he’s gone.

“Dei, you should smile.” Yan said for the nth time.
“You are too serious.” Yan straightened his friend’s brow. ‘so handsome’

We are exact opposites. Yan’s the friendly, bubbly, all-smiling type while I’m the silent, adamant, overly serious type. If there is something we have in common that would be the top spot occupied by our names.

Dei walked away from the ‘announcement board’. The sounds of the students’ praises faded in background. Familiar steps hurriedly chased his back, grinning and thanking those who congratulates him.


Dei woke up with tears in his eyes. Those dreams of the good old days made his heart heavy especially today. ‘If only I noticed’ He dismissed that thought.

Dei grew up in a family of prosecutors hearing about “the real world”. But he never really saw how harsh reality could be even when he became one of the Nation’s Top Elites. The reason is
his partner both in work and in life.

Yan shouldered the darkest parts of their work. He did the ‘dirty work’ unbeknownst to me. Being exposed to hardship and discrimination because he’s an orphan, Yan still smile brightly. Then, he has to bear those responsibility we could have shared.

When did it start?

Yan smiled less often. But I refused to see and dismissed it as stress. I was too happy with fame and power we both achieved. It wasn’t until it’s too late that I realized.

Everything went sideways on their 25th anniversary. An organization has set Dei as their target. When Yan discovered; the gears were already moving. Dei took several shots and almost died. That night, Yan went home. He fell to his knees and clutched his chest. His tears flow, mixing with Dei’s blood on the floor.

“Maybe it was then, when his heart gave away. I only saw him as the happy guy who chase after me. I can’t count how many times I’ve been saved by his strength” Dei thought while fixing his tie. He is preparing himself for the trial.

“Elite? You’re just an idiot!!” As the mirror shattered, blood ooze out at Dei’s fist.

“Sir?” His secretary wakes him from reminiscing the past. He immediately fix himself up and walks to that room.

The proceedings run smoothly. With the amount of evidence and his acknowledgement of the acts, the end is predetermined.
He looks solemnly to the man who threw his future to wash my blood that was once spilt on the floor with a river of our enemies. He knew everything is to ensure that a safer and brighter future awaits me. But the man doomed himself for it.

Capital punishment! He held back himself from yanking the man away from these people. He wanted to hug him, kiss him, and tell him how he feels. ‘Did you know? I’d rather be with you than watch your end like this. I thought we’re always be on the same spot. Why did you deviate from the path we both decided to take? Stupid Yan!’

Getting a look at the person with whom he once had promise to spend his life with, his eyes speaks volume. Though tears no longer flow, his heart is torn, shredded and weary. Then he spoke the final words sealing his fate.