Yaoi Otaku: Lover’s Mode

Posted: April 6, 2015 in Yaoi
One shot  by Shimizu Yuki

LOVER’S MODE (One shot)
by Shimizu Yuki

Businessman Aoe is trying to leave so his student lover can study. 
But that is proving to be difficult. Sequel to Love Mode, 
but it is not really necessary to read that first.
The content of this manga is intended for mature audiences. 
Discretion is advised.

I love "Love Mode". It's one of my favorites.That's why i'm happy for 
it having a sequel. This is truly a cherry on my ice cream. 
Despite of what the summary says, i suggest that you read Love Mode 
before jumping to Lover's Mode. 
You'll be able to appreciate this more that way.
The life that each of them had is way too sad,tragic even.
But I love them together.If they had to go and have an awful life
before just to end up meeting each other, it was worth it!
that's what I think!

You can Download the manga or Read Online on YaoiOtaku

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