Yaoi Otaku: Enslave Lover

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Yaoi

enslave lover


Status: Completed
Author: Ishimaru Hiroko
Artist: Ishimaru Hiroko
Genre: Mature, Yaoi

1-3)Young newsman in love with his sempai. Will the sempai ever see him as anything but a subordinate?

4-5)My High-Handed Lover- Sports reporter Fujisaki is always being teased by famous baseball star Tsutsui. But the flirty star isn’t serious, is he? Does Fujisaki want him to be? Oh well, a trip to a hot springs should sort everything out.

6)The Sugar Cake that You Love- On an exchange program, a young American falls in love with his host family’s son. Will he reciprocate his feelings if he keeps teasing him about his name?

7)The Flower of Understanding- Painter Kairi has always been teased because of his mixed heritage. The only person he trusts is his adopted brother Kanade. But the love he feels for Kanade is slowly turning into something dark and obsessive that he can’t control

The following content is intended for mature audiences. Discretion is advised.

I like this manga. The art is great. The stories are sweet. I especially like the last one. It was was really good, had a grittiness and a bitter sweetness, too bad it was a one-shot, it would’ve really been developed into something great.

You can Download or Read it Online on Yaoi Otaku


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