B in W: On Our Own

Posted: June 19, 2015 in short poem

Looking at the mirror
My other half reflects
Forcing down my feelings
That tend to overflows

For my hands are stained with
blood of countless foes
I dare not ask forgivess
Salvation had long past mine

Feared to taint you with a touch
And rub you with my sin
It’s fine it’s just me
While you stay safe and clean

But you open that door
touch the darkness within
I can only surrender
with your begging whisper

You pulled me down close to you
Your heart beats against mine
With single breath, our hands entwine
the chains that bind me broke with a sigh.

Maybe it’s true that it’s you
Who drag me down this hole
But you don’t know, do you?
I dreamt of this so long ago

In this once dim room
Is a fantasy-like reality
A place for none but “US”
An open door in wonderland

oh, Our Very Own Idyllic Realm..


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