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At dawn, a blood-stained man stand alone in a dark room. He sheathed his long sword and left the place, now littered with bodies soaked in a pool of blood.

That same man is now standing inside a front yard, looking intently at certain man. The latter looks graceful in his yukata and currently exchanging pleasantries with a number of women who happen (?) to pass by. This is an everyday occurrence since the mentioned man is well-known for his exceptional beauty, grace and intellect. Everyone knew that their pure and gentle prince is actually the heir of one of the most powerful and influential family. Who wouldn’t desire him?

While seeing this unfold, the man frowned. He felt a tug in his heart watching the other man smile on those women. His hand reach for his chest and clutch it hard. He closed his eyes but he can still see that image. [tall, fair-skinned, waist-long, silvery-white hair and blood-red eyes with gentle smile]

“It’s not like I can forget”

He opened his eyes and notice his hands, then his clothes. He’s wearing black but if you stare long enough, fresh blood streaks can be seen. He just finished his duty. He’s one of the best CLEANERS. They are a special group tasked with tracking and hunting down traitors and pests that dare go against the family. Their existence is an open secret. A living that does not live. A nameless shadow. He just turned 16 but he can’t even remember the exact number of people he cut down. While pondering, he wasn’t aware of pair of eyes that notice him.

He felt disgusted with himself. Though he never thought of death even once.
‘I chose this fate. This burden is mine to carry. I must suffer alone.’

With one last glance, he retreated back to his place. when he reached a dim room, he proceeded to the bath. He took off his clothes and trash it. The water is cold but he didn’t care. He scrub his body clean again and again. After drying himself, he stared at the mirror.

There is the reflection of the man from the front yard. Same face. But blank and unnerved. Same red eyes. But much colder and cruel.

[“It’s mine. No one will know.” He grab the black sword then the ritual was held.]


I noticed Him returned. it took some time but I shook off the ladies. I entered His room. Unlike my spacious and decorated room, this room is very small, has only a table, chair and bed in it.”What are you doing here, Young Master?” wet hair and usual cold stare

“Yesterday was Our Coming-of-Age Cer..”

“You shouldn’t be here. It is unclean, tainted.” (turning his back on me)
Instead i walk over and reach out.

“Don’t touch me!!.”

“Why? We’re twins.!! You’re originally MINE!!.” With raised voice, I push him to sit on the bed. Then i kneel.

“Do you…h….hate me? Does it..p-pain you.. to look.. at Because of Is that why? I’m not even worthy to t-touch you? You wont even call MY name.” (tears falling)

Actually, he knew. He’s supposed to carry the Black Sword while his elder twin inherit as the heir. But to protect me and my future..

His twin hesitated to touch him so i grab his hand and hug him tight.

“Shiro” He gently whisper in sweet surrender.
“I’m stained. I caught tra..”

“You caught your white rabbit.”
I shut him up with deep kiss. Then, slip my tongue longingly.

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