Posted: June 19, 2015 in short poem

though i know of your betrayal
that your promises are farcical
and my delusion is most comical
my heart awaits your arrival

so i become resolute with my goals
and i try hard to clear my thoughts
your face may resurfaced in my mind
but kept your name where it’s hard to find

i spent so many years just to forget
and some more years trying to forgive
when i almost buried the memory
i finally started to walk with dignity

it’s hard to put away your enticement
yet i let my guard down for a moment
with just your presence i knew i lost
with single smile, all come to naught

as heat rises to my head
my breath becomes rugged
thudding of my heart gets louder
i can only kneel down as i shiver

the gravity keeps me here
it is the thread that binds me
the chain not so easy to break
it pulled me down yet again

“C’est la vie”; “C’est la vie”
without him, i am nothing
because this devil is my everything
how i knew it from the very beginning!

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