THE END: Magnolia Dyed In Blood

Posted: June 19, 2015 in One-shot

His silver hair falls straight; tracing the contour of his pale face designed with his dark blue eyes and rosy red lips. This man was known for his pretty face devoid of emotion with expression that is perpetually cold. He walks unsteadily and halted when he reached the cliff; he then kneeled. He coughed up blood dyeing the pink petals of magnolia in his left hand.

…Ten years…

“I’m home.” His whisper was carried by the wind. Then slowly, his eyes closed.


“Zero.” A golden-haired man called. He has brilliant smile and gentle demeanor.

I offended some people and almost lost my life. Xenon saved me. “Blood for Blood” I never believe in kindness that’s why i swore to repay this debt. But the man was patient and persistent. He’s like the sun. He melted my defenses. His smile sends warmth to my heart until he wormed his way in.

Love was something foreign to me until i met “him”. Deep in my heart, I’m scared. He’s far too precious; so dear. I used to have nothing but now, he became my everything. It was exhilarating yet truly terrifying.

“You’re here in the cliff again. You sure take good care of them. You even come here to visit everyday. I’m jealous.” He said smiling.
“But these are your favorite flowers. You said it was your mother who took care of them personally.”
“That was a long time ago. You still remembered.”
“I never forgot your words.”
“Then why don’t you give me your answer?”
“X-Xenon” He hugged me from behind. His breath sends shiver to my spine.
“I can’t wait for you forever. I don’t have much time.” He whispered. He smiled bitterly and left.

I never attempted to touch him; afraid to taint him. He’s far too good for me. That’s why i pretended not to understand. But those last words made me uneasy.

A month later, Xenon collapsed. The healer said it was only exhaustion but as days passed, his body gradually weakens.

“Xen, that healer is worthless. I’ll bring you another.” I was extremely worried. He is always the energetic one; always full of life. Just looking at him makes you feel like living is too simple. Not this skinny, pale man. Even the luster of his golden hair is gone.

“Zero, you remember the cliff where i saved you? You haven’t been there these days, right? Bring me there.”

I intended to refuse but the look in his eyes made me waver. In the end i carried him to that place.

“I love you, you know?” He smiled weakly. He told me he was sick. He was born with defective heart.
“Am I really untrustworthy? OR do you believe I’ll change upon knowing?”
“I hate to be pitied!! ESPECIALLY YOU!!”
“You ordered me look solely at you. But I can’t even share your pain?” *breathes* “We should head back. It started raining.” I gritted my teeth. I felt betrayed.
“Zero, I’ve been doing what i wanted and even met you. I’m grateful. If i have time, I’ll make you mine.” *I’m selfish. Knowing you’ll suffer when I’m gone, makes me happy.*

I thought of confessing but hesitated.

“X-xen…h-hey?.y-y-you!!!” My body trembles. His eyes were closed.

“Pl-please.! a-i only have you.” I choked and closed my eyes; tears streaming. The wind howls furiously. I remember the childish pranks, the youthful laughter. It pricks my heart knowing those smiles were now memories.

..My sun..

Without you, the world seems dark. My lips trembled.

I kissed his eyes; nose; lastly, his lips. I hugged him close.

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    I like this story. Thanks.

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